Youtube bible

Here are some awesome, simple lists to remember, Consider this your Youtube Bible! Now here are some niche ideas, only choose the ONE you are the most good at! Remember it is wise to create a channel revolving around just ONE of the following: “Make Money Online” General people who are not familiar with anything yet Internet marketing – People who are more advanced than “make money online” Self Help – General positivity, success, happiness, law of attraction, etc Sales and marketing “The survival niche” Dating Advice (Getting back together) Dating Advice – Getting a woman, getting a RICH husband, turn a friend into a lover video games Hip hop production and beats piano lessons and music theory violin lessons Basketball jump (Vertical jump) political RANTS – survival niche as monetization guns, shooting, etc (Sell gear, tactical vests, etc) Airsoft (Similar to guns) Racism – how to avoid being a victim of racism, etc Animal videos (dangerous animals) – every video you do you are handling different animals and explaining them Weight Loss 6 pack abs General Fitness – different videos are on different subjects for different results (Organized by playlist) Guitar Lessons “Americas got talent” or “American Idol” niche: Record Deal Instruction: How to get a record deal Drum Lessons Panic Attacks Dog Training Cooking recipes for ailments (cures) Real Estate flipping (Could include fixer upper projects) How to survive a divorce How to survive Jail Reviews of certain store (Do an electronics channel and promote via bestbuy affiliate program, etc) Crafts and clothing (How to sew, etc)
Precious metals archaeology fishing hunting sports instruction (Chose one sport! I did Youth Football coaching and it worked out well) Mountain biking BMX Motorcycles DRONING (Using drones and uploading the videos, then selling the drones via affiliate program) Holistic medicine How to get pregnant Male Enhancement (Viagra niche, but selling natural supplements for commission, or your own) How to draw Voice training Home schooling IQ and smart people SAT test Parenting Make Up Tutorials (HUGE, check out Michelle Phan) Hypnotism (Quit smoking, make someone fall in love with you, etc)
As you can see, youtube marketing is much more fun and “active” than other niches. Do something that excites you. You will need the excitement. Trust me.
Monetization ideas: Remember, you have mostly 5 different categories of monetization: 1. Affiliate products (reviews, promotion and interviews) 2. Physical products via affiliate programs (Amazon, 3. Youtube monetization 4. Your own monetization (Your own T-Shirts, etc) 5. Services you fulfill

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