The Book Credit Secrets

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This eBook was design for educational purposes only, all research come from

remembers tips

Here are some factors to keep in mind whilst moving forward:

1. Building good credit the right way is very difficult for most so do not expect to be accepted all the time. Be prepared to be declined every once in a while, but please do not get frustrated or give up. It can take up to 7 months to finally achieve a 710 FICO score. Let that be an inspiration for you to not give up.

2. It is also imperative that you do not mix old and new information with your new credit file. I cannot stress this one enough!

3. Please refrain from using references from previous jobs or old credit companies. This will put you at risk to having your new credit file merged with the old one and make all of this a huge failure. No one wants that.

And seven more tips inside the eBook.


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