Welcome to UCN Community we would like to  introduce to income sharing of our million dollar venture where you can earn lifetime residual and passive income from multiple businesses we are working to establish starting 2019.

Our goal is to produce a multi-million dollar income sharing community from multiple business before 2021 to help people all around the world.

Hey, my name is Dr.  Micklewhite in association with Dr. Minto Founders of the 1st global income sharing community for members.  Read More About us Click Here

One of my favorite things to do is wake up to watch my accounts online as they grow with revenues from multiple sources ranging from real estate, auto dealership, construction, farming, customer service business, offices, local stores, affiliate marketing, website design, promotional services and lots more.

And this can happens to you as a member in our community where you will earn residual & passive income without investing any money into any business under UCN.

Some of the benefits includes;

– Your own money making affiliate website done for you. 
– Share in up to 50% of all sales from revenues over 100 businesses and up to several  affiliate links we promote with hundreds of members.
– Enjoy free online affiliate marketing training and workshops, and lots more.

And the cool thing is… it will only cost you $99/year to join as an affiliate member for the first 100 subscribers after which time the price will increase to $199/Year. Registered members will have a chance to earn $2,500 per year or more just for helping other people who want to make residual income, get a job or become an entrepreneur to start their own business.

Our membership community has limits to ensure the more revenues we make over time the more money would be paid out to members.

So If You Want To Get Paid Over And Over – Join Now. 

MEMBERSHIP Groups Website Offers

If you join as an affiliate member and later you want to become a VIP you must have 100 or more referred members to the community.  VIP Membership is limited to only 100 Members/5 years

Requirements For Instant Cash Out Payments

You must have a PayPal Account or Cash App Account

Each  member CAN register 100 members to JOIN IN ORDER TO get life time benefits.

You understand and agree that there are important risk factors that should be considered by you when deciding whether or not to participate in the UCN Business Opportunity and/or USA Caribbean Network business opportunity.

Affiliate package includes the following:

  • A home page with several affiliate links
  • E-commerce store where the affiliate can add up to 50 affiliate products or links to get direct payments to his or her account.
  • About page
  • A members signup page 
  • Upcoming events 
  • Contact page



Each time a member register an affiliate member he or she will receive $25 payable in 72 hrs.  This payment is residual each year.



  • Free hosting & domain name
  • E-commerce Website 
  • Add 50 products to our online store (no inventory purchase required)
  • Year round marketing & site management
  • Free conversion bot
  • Free social media bot
  • Event page
  • Member registration page
  • Contact 
  • About us
  • Home page about your niche
  • Accounts setup with affiliate networks (Amazon, clickbank,Warrior plus)
  • Affiliate marketing training


Once the community reaches a minimum of 1,000 members the income sharing will begin.  The community will now exceed 10,100 members.

  • Members with 10 or more referrals can apply for assistance to raise up to $10,000 within the community.
  • 50% of all sales revenue is reserved to  pay out into the community for example
  • The community funds will then be split in three groups for example if 50% of the gross revenue amount to $1,200,000 the split will be.
  • Affiliate group (10,000) split $400,000
  • VIP group (100) split split $400,000
  • Community benefits (Trips, give away, outreach, membership, development of JV partnerships) $400,000

Compensation projects includes:

  • Affiliate marketing business
  • Advertisement revenues from companies
  • Event Sponsors fees
  • Event ticket sales from any events we host
  • 50/50 JV business partnerships 
  • Brick and mortar business
  • Google Adsense or Youtube  

This is a 5 year plan if a member choose to cancel their plan or membership the membership fee will be refunded.  

Once a member receive over the amount paid for his or her membership if you request cancellation of your membership you will  NOT be refunded you initial membership fee.

  • The community will not be active for monthly payout until we have secured 100 VIP Members  or 1,000 affiliate members signup.

Community Income sharing 49% of all sales is share for 3 groups.  What does this mean?  here is an example? If at the end of the month if our sales  total $1M then $490,000 will be divided into five (3) parts to pay out to each group. ($163,333/group divided by the group total members)

You can only be registered in one group only. 

There is a limit to each group, is the group is full you must go on a waiting list by registering free.

  • 10,000 Affiliate group share in 33% of our monthly revenues
  • 100 VIP Group share in 33% of our monthly revenues.
  • Community reserve funds 33% for emergency members benefits and business development (only Affiliates or VIP’s can have access to this benefit)
  • First you will receive a money making site with 50 product embedded from Clickbank, warrior plus, Amazon (Affiliate account setup for you)
  • Free hosting, domain and email
  • 50 products added to our community store (no inventory purchase required) (You keep 50% of the sale profit when consumer purchase from your collection)
  • FREE conversion bots and traffic bots to help to market and make more money + Free video, software and materials 

If you have an existing business we will help to promote and market you business to thousands of online consumers and post ads through hundreds of our members social media account. $500/year for business membership.

Over the next 3 years we are working on several projects such as;

1. Online store sales
2. 1,000+ affiliate businesses
3. Annual music festival
4. Monthly networking party events
5. Healthcare assurance membership
6. Home improvement contracts
7. Vacation home rental
8. Credit repair membership
9. Workshops & Seminars fees
10. Website development & Marketing

Here is how it works

  •  Each business pays out 50% of their earnings to the community each month.
  • Members in the community split total revenues to get equal shares of the monthly income.

As the company add mote businesses the revenues are increased.

Joint Ventures (JV) business will be added in the future.

A JV partnership business if when someone desire to open a local business and agree to give the company UCN 50% ownership in return for the company funding their project or helping to raise funding for their project or provide marketing & promotion for their project.

Each member with 25 or more referrals can request help to organize a fundraising event in our community to raise up to $10,000.

All member who contribute $10 towards the fundraising will receive a $20 credit towards their annual membership.

For free life time membership with no annual fees members must recommend 100 member or more after they join. After 10,000 members their will not be any further membership available for 5 years.


More about VIP membership
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